Blossom will help you reaching your goal with expert guidance, to feel stronger,more flexible, and performing at your top.

Former professional Kiteboarder competing on the Kiteboarding World Cup tour, Female Master of the Ocean, Audrey Meyer is an enthusiastic and fun instructor that will motivate and inspire you to help achieve your personal health and fitness goal.

Audrey is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, and a ACA register SUP instructor, her programs are here to guide you to your goal at any level.

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A fun aquatic cardio class in the beautiful infinity pool from Millennium Resort in Cabarete.
Aqua fitness covers a range of exercises with less impact and more resistance than other workouts. We are using water dumbbell that offer more resistance when being pushed down, because you have to fight against the resistance of water compared to when you lift up. This helps you build more muscle tone and strength your arm muscles, chest, back and abdominal.
We put together an amazing 45-minute upbeat mix to accompany your swimming routine, beat the heat and feel the burn!

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10.30am Millennium Pool, Cabarete

A circuit training class with repeated bouts of high intensity effort followed by varied recovery times.
This workout will help you burn fat, improve your cardio and sculpt your body. It’s an excellent way to improve your strength, balance and coordination, and avoid injuries in your everyday life.
Targe your entire body: legs, abs, glutes and more. Body Fit class will get you Beach Body Fit!
Suitable for all levels, ages and great fun.

Thursday 10.30 am Villa Taina, Yoga Loft, Cabarete

Vinyasa style yoga class is designed to create heat in the body, deepen into stretches and poses, and increase coordination, muscle tone and mental focus. Will make your spirit happy and provide relaxation for the busy mind.

Tuesday Yoga Core class emphasizes on core strength and stability by fusing Pilates & yoga techniques. This class incorporates principles of concentration, precision, control, breathing, and flowing movements, and is suitable for all levels. Level: beginner to advanced.

Saturday Yoga Flow class is for Every Body! Learn the foundations of vinyasa, using long-held poses that moves at a slower pace. This class is great for the newer student to the advanced yogi–also a great class for athletes. Level: beginner to advanced.

Tuesdays and Saturday 10.30 am Villa Taina/ Yoga Loft, Cabarete

Yoga4SUP was developed by Audrey Meyer, and is the first class of its kind in the Dominican Republic. The 90 minutes class is a work out on the boards in the ocean comprised of basic and more challenging yoga moves that also incorporate the paddle. The class is full of laughs and also has a very Zen quality to it.

A combination of stand up paddleboarding (SUP) and yoga. The board makes a fantastic yoga mat and the extra balance required for being on the water intensifies the yoga routine.
By reservation only (private, and group)

Personal Training / Private Yoga

Audrey has been working out with athletes, pregnant women, injured people and seniors. Her philosophy is that regular physical activity can improve your quality of life in so many way. So why not see for yourself?

Everyone can gain the health benefits of physical activity – age, ethnicity, shape or size do not matter.

One-on-One Personal Training


Fitness/ Yoga/ Aquafit GROUP class:

  • One Class Drop-in: US$ 15
  • 10 pack group class: US$ 120
  • 20 pack group class: US$ 210

Yoga4SUP class:

  • Group: US$ 35
  • Semi Private: US$ 55
  • Private: US$ 80

One-on-One Personal Training/ Yoga:

  • One session of one hour: US$ 60  (+ 10 USD extra per person)
  • Package of 10 sessions: US$ 500 

Pay online or cash (DR pesos, USD)

Fit is a lifestyle! Nourish your mind, body, heart and soul 

I believe the primary purpose of exercise is to feel good, happier, healthier and of course to perform at your maximum ability”. Audrey Meyer

Audrey enjoys to motivate and to inspire other people to achieve their individual health & fitness goals. Sharing her motivation and knowledge to everyone who need courage to transform their minds, bodies, and spirits towards a healthier, happier life. Join her to Blossom.

Looking for a workout that is customized to exactly what you want? Email Audrey